Happy Mother's Day 2017 | Story of a Mother

This story is based upon the real cute life of a Mom and Son.
Mother's day is one of the best day for me, because every year my son give me such beautiful surprises that I can't even tell you in words, so like every year this year also I am very much excited about the Mother's Day 2017, because every time my son don't give me the expensive gifts, but one thing is for sure he always gives me more happiness that a mother can get from his kids.

Cute Story of Mom and Son

Last year on Mother's Day he gifted me an apple, I mean to say a decorated apple on which he wrote "Thank You Mom" from his blood , when i get to know this that he wrote thank you from his blood I started crying and even scolded him for this type of gift, and after-sometime he came to me and said: "Mom in Today's Generation every Gf and Bf do this kind of thing for each because they love each other and it gave them happiness, so you should be also happy because I love you more than anything".

That day i realized that my son is really a blessing for me, so like these type of unique gifts he give me every year and on every Mom's Day I become angry on him because of his different types of gifts.
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