Mother's Day Quotes | Images | 2017

The Finest  Mother's Day Quotes |  Images | 2017
"Mom I am sorry that can't gift you some expensive thing on this Mother's Day, but I promise you that I will take care of you for my whole life, like you did care for me when I was a kid."
Mother's Day Quotes 2017

"You never complaint even you are facing the most painful time period of life game."
"There are so many difficulties in my life but you are the only which give me power to fight with them..Happy Mother's Day 2017."
Happy Mom's Day Quotes 2017
"You never demanded anything, but now you can't say no to any of your dream mom because now I am grown up and now you are my responsibility."
"A mother can't be describe in words, she is the one who stand with you even whole world is enemy of yours." 
"Mom, you are my first love and I can't live without you because you are most precious gift for me." 
"I don't have a Mom which is like all other Mother's, if I say truth my mamma is the superwoman."
"World says men are more stronger than women, I just wanted to say them 'u hadn't met my mother yet' ."
"Mom you never complaint about anything, no matter how stressful you are .. Thank you for my Mom."
 "Happy Mother's Day Mom, you are truly a superwoman with so much of invisible superpowers."
"I will be Happy, if you're are with me even I am poor, and whole life is hell when I am crying in Lamborghini for you Mom... Happy Mother's Day Mamma."
"Like sun energize our mornings , in same manner wise knowledge energize our life. When you get exhausted by life then delightful lap of mother will recreate you...Happy Mother's day Mom"
"Mother's presence is like salt, Nobody values when it is present in food but after its absence, everyone wants it, like this when our mommy is present with us at than we don't value her but keep in mind when she go away from you at that time can't do anything in spite of crying."
"Thankyou Mom, for every sacrifice you made for me, and for full filling my all silly wishes... Happy Mother's Day Mommy."
"Mamma, you never showed your love but still I found you the most well-wishing friend as of mine.. Thanks Mom."
"Mom you always fulfill my every childish demand, but now when I got adult and I have kids now got to realized how much you suffered for my life... Thanks, Mother."
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