Happy Mothers Day 2017 | India | USA | UK

Happy Mothers Day 2017 | India | USA | UK
This special day is to be celebrated every year on second Sunday of May, this day always gives us a reminder, to do some special things for that special one who gave you the birth on this planet and you call her mom or mommy, and this special day for all super moms comes in the massive month, "May" is to be celebrated as the day which is known as Mother's Day. This is only the day which always makes every child realize that how much a mother sacrifice her life for mother and the feel the love which she to her child which is invisible to every person of the world.

Mothers day 2017
"Some experienced people also said that god can't be available with every human, so that's why he made the mother to take care of his human."
No matter how much you grow up in age, height, financially but still you will remain kid for your mother, the love of the mom is always unconditional, she don't have any kind of expectation or wish for her child apart of that when her child grow up so he/she always love her truly, like she does when you were child.

Mom, is the biggest blessing for every child because the type of love she do to you is totally unconditional, Mother is totally different from the world she don't want anything in exchange a part of love, whether your mom became angry on you ever don't feel bad because in her anger there s a hidden love.

Some of you only know that she makes food for you, but not this much only if you will ask your mother how much she sacrificed for you and never done any kind of complaint to you.
A mother is one, who will love you till the last breath of her life, so never made her hurt, sometimes you think she make you irritate by asking questions when you become an adult, so don't get irritated because a mother is the only one who well wishes for you even she irritates you or she became angry on you for silly mistakes.
The mom is the only one who never show-off her pain or tears no matters how much in such bad condition she is going through.
Today, in this article I will also tell you  the story between the mother and the daughter who basically belongs to India but now living in the USA but the love feeling among this mother and daughter is unbelievable


"Wake up and rise up this morning, just welcome the pleasant day with the delightful smile, Because you have chance new hours to live and Along with this you have new opportunities to achieve" Rimjhim mothers was singing such a  marvelous song for waking up her daughter.
After listening the such beautiful as song from her mother on the day of Mother's Day Rimjhim open her eyes and hug her mother and said, Mother you have melodious voice and thank you each morning for waking me up by singing new self-made songs for me in your love worthy voice and do you know that your inspirational songs keep my day animated.
After this, she got ready and went to her school. In the night at the dinner table, she asks her mother to pursue her singing career.

Happy Mothers day

Mother amazed and said " No, I can not pursue my singing career because I am busy with household chores. I want to do good upbringing of you lovely child ".
Rimjhim said Mom "I am 14 years old and I very well know what is right or what is wrong. Mom, I wish that whole world will take pleasure of your remarkable voice instantly Rimjhim said "My dear mom you had sacrificed your pleasure for the granting happiness to me. Now it's my turn that I will put the lovely smile on your face".
After listening to Rimjhim: Mother said that my darling daughter how much you think about me is so much surprising for me, but in today's world singing career is full of competition and I don't think I can establish myself as a noteworthy singer then
Rimjhim said: "Mom don't lose hope every cloud has a silver lining for being successful in the singing career you need to have my melodious voice only".
Mom said but how my melodious voice will tempt audience.

Happy mother;'s day images

Rimjhim said don't worry mom I will record songs in your melodious voice and I will upload it to the internet God knows one fine day when a famous music director will listen to your melodious voice and provides you the opportunity to sing for movies or for music albums.
Mom said every day countless singers will upload their singing video's over the internet.
Rimjhim said don't worry mom your voice will get identified.
When Rimjhim supports her mother then her mother records songs in her voice and Rimjhim will upload her mother video song over the internet. After 3 weeks Rimjhim mom had received the phone call from famous Sargam music company and you don't believe that company director Vijay Singh likes Rimjhim mother's voice and sign her for the company's next album titled " Rafta".
Rafta had became hit Album among all the music albums till yet. Roshni the new name by which Rimjhim's mother get started known by the name Roshni which had got so much adoration from her lovely fans.
One day when Roshni was receiving her first award for her singing then during her speech she said " Usually  singers dedicate their awards to their parents and mentor, but not the first one, I will dedicate every award that I will achieve in future also will be dedicated to only my daughter Rimjhim who was act as my mentor and supports me for pursuing my singing career once again in life. Thank you, my daughter, from the core of my heart for giving pleasurable life to me.
This after this hall was resonating by applauses.
Every one of us love our mother no matter, whether he is a common man or a celebrity, in below there are some tweets by biggest Stardom for their mom, it will be proof for every one of you that mom are the biggest part of everyone life because the way in she support can't be explained that's the reason which makes all big celebrities to praise their mom after getting into the success.

If you really want to know how much every mom suffer for her son or a daughter then read this story, and I can guarantee you that surely this story will make you feel emotional.

Read full history about Mom's Day.
Once again Happy Mother's Day 2017 to you all.


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